13 You Are - A Card Project To Inspire Life

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Cherelle Posadas was inspired to use her love for hand lettering to lift others up and found a community to do this together through a handmade card project.

Imagine looking through your pile of mail thinking, bills, bills, ughh, scam, and then suddenly… you come across a card that says, “You are worthy to be loved.” A sudden realization of your being just lightens up. Moments that you didn’t feel worthy go through your mind, but these simple words, this simple sentence allows you to feel that worth more than anything in your life. You begin to realize that you are worthy. You begin to reflect and let this word sink in. Looking at the words, you begin to cry. Who sent this?

That is what I want someone to feel when they receive a 13 You Are card. That maybe during a time they needed it the most a simple reminder, gesture, simple card, and the power of words spoke life to them.

13 You Are was inspired by the Netflix movie “13 Reasons Why.” After watching season one in a day, I had a sudden idea to start a challenge. I didn’t know what, but I wanted to use hand lettering to inspire something more. The show brought out feelings from growing up - people I hung out with, the person I once was and the environment of living in a home of negativity. Words that were said once became my thoughts, then my thoughts became my habits, and eventually became reality. My mind was so stuck on what one person told me and I let that define me. I battled with that for a long time until I had to change my mindset. When I found my love for hand lettering I wanted to use words to inspire change, inspire connection through creativity.

Binge watching the show sparked a light inside of me to create a 13 Day Instagram challenge of 13 cards for 13 different people. 13 You Are is a project of words reflecting one’s worth in the world, reminding us that You Are Beautiful. You Are Enough. You Are Worthy… etc.

I utilized the new skill of hand lettering to really challenge my own self to step out of the box and give people words of life. Not only in pretty writing, but in the power of words. I made these cards for people I knew and those I didn’t. I did something different for Day 13. The members who joined me on this had to write something for themselves. It was more a reminder for all of us, that we can say so many great things to others and we have to speak the same to ourselves.

The challenge wasn’t as popular as I wanted it to be. But one day, something opened my eyes even more that touched my soul and taught me something. It was the people who joined in on my challenge. They wrote to me explaining how their cards opened their eyes to the world. That their cards inspired people at their work and sparked something within themselves that they didn’t know existed. Their stories changed my mindset that it wasn’t about how many people I reached and the popularity that I then wanted. It was about reaching one out of the billions of people who live on this very earth.

And that is how 13 You Are was born.

After the 13 Days, I began reflecting on what else I could do with 13 You Are. I had my why, but how was I going to execute 13 You Are to this world again? My challenge was over. I set 13 You Are aside because I was a busy working mom, wife, and very involved in my church. I knew eventually something would spark an interest to relaunch this project. When 2018 hit, I reflected on my two major 2017 projects. I was on fire to grow 13 You Are because the word “one” came to my mind. It reminded me and inspired me to reach that one person. And not only for myself, but for someone out there who wants to do the same thing. With deep thought and prayer, I decided to make cards to sell. Suddenly, I started to think of my community of lettering artists who I had met within the year. It was a realization that these cards are not only representing the power of words but a community. I reached out to different lettering artists to join me on my relaunch of 13 You Are. To my amazement, they all said YES! It was one step in the process of 13 You Are 2.0.

At this moment I am currently in the planning and creative stages with our cards. The yes from them inspired me more than anything. It has been a busy time of coordinating deadlines, color schemes, specific words for each artist, networking, packaging ideas, and organizing my first styled shoot with them for our ideal launch date in August 2018. Most importantly upon this process, it has been overcoming my fears and doubts. I pray that when this launches it brings out a community of people who just want to bring beauty to this world with the power of words. To bring life into someone through these cards. To change the way we all think.

You are my why behind this project.

You are my why to create change.

You are my why to bring life.

You are my one out of the billions.

About Cherelle
Founder of CREA+ELLE, which is a combination of (Crea)te and Cher(elle). The + represents my faith and utilizing my gifts far greater than my own. My mission words are to create + connect + inspire through the art of hand lettering and workshops. I thrive to bring life + purpose to this world to reach one out of the billion and create the same light for others to do the same.

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