Day 6 Public Statement from Hunger Striker Inside Santa Clara County Main Jail

Editor's Note:

In a phone call update from an inmate on strike inside Santa Clara County's Main Jail he describes his condition after 6 days of going without food and names Sheriff Laurie Smith responsible.

Hunger Strikers are experiencing periodic dizzy spells, massive headaches and stomach cramps. Previously, medical staff were not including hydration and weight checks in their routine vitals which have caused hunger strikers to refuse medical care. After reaching out to Custody Health, routine weight checks and hydration levels through checking blood pressure and heart rate was confirmed as policy during a hunger strike and encouraged prisoners to begin to take their vitals. In the case that medical staff does not follow policy, prisoners should file a grievance, contact Silicon Valley De-Bug and/or the below medical contact phone numbers to resolve.

Currently, the jail administration has yet to make any negotiations. Please contact the jail administration office and board of supervisors office to urge negotiations. As of today April 20, Prisoners United will be assessing day to day whether or not they will continue to strike but are prepared to strike for another seven days and/or until Sheriff Laurie Smith begins negotiations. Hunger Strikers have suggested that they understand that meeting demands will take time and that they would be content if everyone currently in Solitary Confinement/Administrative Segregation and/or classified as Maximum Security "Red Tops" be released from solitary and re-classified as Medium Security "Orange Tops" as a good faith effort to meet demands.

On Monday April 23, a magistrate judge is scheduled to hold a mediation session on solitary confinement issues in Santa Clara County concerning the Chavez Vs. Santa Clara County Class Action lawsuit which is hoped will result in some progress. The Prison Law Office which has taken on the suit is hoping to get some clarity to the County’s position as they have not made any commitments.

Call the Main Jail Medical (408) 808-5200 & Elmwood Medical (408) 957-5360 to ask that they check on the condition of the hunger strikers receive medical care.

Please call the Sheriff Administration & Board of Supervisors to demand that they meet with the prisoners on hunger strike.

Sheriff Administration
(408) 808-4900
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Board of Supervisors:
(408) 299-5001
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
supervisor.yeager[email protected]
[email protected]

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