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The Missing Element

Editor's Note:

It is an absolute honor to engage the community through the power of shared experience! Since the beginning of the"Shelter In Place" order, De-Bug has worked tirelessly to protect the rights of all citizens in this new landscape. Thank you all for being here supporting those efforts!

Greetings and thanks for reading! Khalilah The Peace Dancer here, writing from quarantine. This week has been one of growing appreciation for the little things that make up this mystery called life. Are you indoors and well fed with your health intact? Are you surrounded by loving family or pets? No matter what is going on outside (and there’s A LOT going on out there!) now would be a good time to indulge in gratitude. Give thanks for life itself and the million tiny gifts that accompany each moment. Being actively, consciously thankful improves the overall sense of well being in humans, naturally creating a healthier outlook. We could never have “too much” gratitude in our hearts. This is the perfect time to experiment, practice and see how much appreciation we can wield in the world.

The principal of gratitude is one of the many techniques I explore in my book, “Glowing Magic Beauty.” The writing, reading, promoting, rewriting, selling and telling of the Glowing Magic Beauty project has been a rollercoaster ride! Promise, joy, apprehension, excitement and determination have all been a part of it. This is the story I want to tell this week. How a book project so personal to me has taken on a life of its own. How that life has been a catalyst for higher levels of commitment and a new kind of creative expression.

As an author, I tried to let it ride. "Glowing Magic Beauty," was a book that I wanted to release in January 2019, not January 2020. The project was important to me. It seemed like the next logical step in my artistic development. It was vital to me to find a way to get the message of “anyone can use spiritual techniques to obtain physical results” out into the world. This belief was based on the miraculous brilliant books that I read myself. Brief, no nonsense books like "As a Man Thinketh," by James Allen and "The Four Agreements," by Don Miguel Ruiz. I knew that "Glowing Magic Beauty" was not perfect but I was determined to stand by my work. I told myself that people could open the book to any page and read at least one sentence that, when applied with consistent practice, would yield positive results in someone’s life. Additionally, someone somewhere might read the book and conclude, “I could write a better book than this in my sleep!” And then they would do so, thus releasing their creativity and knowledge into the world in a way that may never have happened lest they crossed paths with the "Glowing Magic Beauty" book. 

That line of reasoning was fine until one of my long time friends offered feedback. She was disappointed with the contents of the book. “ Whatever magic you have, it isn’t in the book,” she said.

“What do you think it needs?” I asked her. Granted, I could have requested her feedback before I published the book, but I didn’t. Mistake number one.

“It needs more YOU.”

Instinctively, I knew she was right. The book did need more me. It needed more of my life and soul. True, lots of effort went into writing the book. I’m proud of myself for that and yet, I did leave things out. In fact, many things were left out for being “too real” or “too provocative” to be considered positive. “My past experiences could really upset or offend someone!” I thought, “Best to avoid that altogether."

There was another part of me, though. This part sent a clear strong message that I should stand up. This wiser part of me insisted that I speak up, giving voice to those unpolished, raw experiences that I would rather not share. Those are the stories that unite people. Those stories evoke mutual transformation in myself and others. Those are the stories that needed telling. Inner wisdom demanded that I put my need to be “perfect” aside in favor of the soul-freeing, devil-shaming truth yet to be told. The Universe showed me this repeatedly, but I ran. Consequently, it has taken a full 3 months for the reboot of "Glowing Magic Beauty" to begin. Rewrites are currently underway, then the release process starts all over again. Stay tuned to this column for updates! Meanwhile, two things:

  1. What would you do with your day if suddenly all schools and entertainment venues were closed and we all had to stay home for safety reasons? No need to say the answer out loud and don't listen to anyone who tells you what you SHOULD be doing. It can be anything from napping to creating your next masterplan. Make sure it’s something that feels important to you and do it. Do it asap and with gusto!
  1. Visit or @thepeacedancer on Instagram to find out how to participate in peaceful yoga and dance classes offered twice weekly via Zoom by yours truly, Khalilah The Peace Dancer. Experience joyful, healing movement that feeds the spirit and literally gives the immune system a significant boost. 

Take Care, Be Well and see you (relatively) soon everyone!

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