Podcast: De-Bug Visits the Lowrider Exhibit at MLK Library

Editor's Note:

Once the Lowrider capital of the world, San Jose finally recognize the innovators of the lowrider scene and its impact on the community.

We took a trip to check out the first ever Lowrider exhibit at MLK Library to discuss San Jose's role in shaping Lowriding culture. In a city failing to look back and preserve the many cultures that make this city great, the timing of the exhibit brings this conversation to the forefront. The podcast features local historians, Ricky and Jose and highlights how important it is to come together when much of the Chicano community is feeling as erased and disrespected as the Mural de la Raza that was painted over in the middle of the night six months ago and sparked community organizing to restore & protect Chicano Arts of the past and future.

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