SCCJ Hunger Striker Letter to Board of Supervisors

Editor's Note:

Matt has been on a courageous hunger strike with so many others in the Santa Clara County Jails. He submitted this letter to the Board of Supervisors calling for change and support of our #ProtectYourPeopleBudget

My name is Matthew Jonathan Clifford and I am a prisoner of Santa Clara County. I am one of many hunger striking to bring awareness to the inherent prejudice and social inequality that exists within this criminal punishment system as a result of racist laws, such as the 3 strikes law, and S.T.E P. Act Law and enhancements… as well as to call attention to the unfair policies, procedures and practices within the jail. The jails’ culture and mentality has always been to take from us and to deny us of whatever they can….and we demand change. I have not eaten anything since Thursday August 13th and still the Sheriff has done nothing to resolve the issues we brought to her attention.  I support Debugs “Protect Your People” budget plan and I pray that the people of Santa Clara County elect new public officials who are committed to restoring justice within this broken system and instilling fairness and equality into our society as a whole.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Matthew J. Clifford

MJN since 2013

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