State of Determination - A Poem In Solidarity With Prisoner Hunger Strike

Editor's Note:

As courageous inmates inside Glenn Dyer in Oakland are on Day 3 of their hunger strike to peacefully protest inhumane conditions, we received a letter with a poem of encouragement and solidarity from a writer inside another facility in the South Bay.

State of Determination

The circumstances of life at times can be unkind
Truly testing your will power and state of mind
Faced with daunting obstacles you feel you cannot climb

The determination in your eye now seems predestined to die
No matter how hard you try 

it appears you can’t shake the feeling and state of mind
That there’s nothing left to lose as you already lost all there was to gain

Reaching the pinnacle of your own anguish and pain
Gruesome despair
Is so thick in the air
It is choking the life out of hope!
Just cant seem to keep it alive
Regardless how hard you try

But even then you must continue to strive!
There is no honor in retreat  when you give up in defeat!
Regain your battle stance and get ready to ride!
With your head held high

Standing on your own two feet and digging in deep
Seeking the physical endurance to push the body beyond what comes easy
Exercising the fortitude and the full strength of your mind
To overcome these troubling times!

Original Poem Written by Prisoners United Member

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