Stay Wild, Moon Child

Embracing Our Primal Nature

Editor's Note:

Khalilah Ramirez is a performance artist, author and educator in San Jose. She founded The Dance of Peace in 2008 and continues to practice daily with the mission of, "Peace In Every Heart."

Welcome to This Week In Peace! It is with great excitement that these words reach into the infinity of our collective awareness. Khalilah Ramirez, your local Peace Dancer here, charged with relating the stories, lessons and magic that spring forth through the Dance of Peace. Thank you for reading!

There is something inside all of us that longs to be wild. It's that moment when we're magnetized by the glimpse of the moon. It's that summer night at the beach when no one is looking and the ocean is calling. The water is freezing and it's against the 'rules' to go in without clothes on, but we do. These experiences reflect the need to express our primal energies. I lovingly refer to this as our natural wildness. 

Wildness is often misunderstood or thought of as a negative influence in our society. It calls to mind lack of self control or destructive behaviors which can cause harm. The wildness mentioned here is the opposite of destructive. This brand of wildness heals and enriches us. It harmonizes our existence from the inside out. Human beings are, quite literally, BORN to be wild. We are designed to live in sync with nature and each other. For now, let's turn our thoughts away from the myriad of reasons why we don't (or won't) embrace our instincts. This is a time to focus on how we CAN do it, today!

Embracing wildness played out for me last week in a confrontational dress rehearsal. As I practiced for an upcoming event, my friend noticed how fussy I was being regarding my movements and clothing. "What is this obsession you have with covering up?!" my friend snapped. "It's 88 degrees outside, it's ok to wear less clothing."


I wanted to, but the urge to appear "appropriate" made me shy away from it. Luckily, with the help of an honest friend, I was able to come to my senses in time to change my attire. Then, with the wind cooling my bare legs, there was much greater vitality, light and energy in the performance to radiate peace with. This was a small experience, but it illustrates how step by step, we seek self-conscious conformity over innate wisdom. In order to please others and meet their expectations, we suppress our primal wisdom until it becomes ever more silent.

The Dance of Peace is a performance art that is rooted in the primal energy of movement. It is but a single one of countless ways to engage the wildness of our spirits. We can only benefit from practicing this. It costs zero extra dollars and there are no negative side effects. The life enhancing properties are immediate. Watch the sun go down. Watch the moon rise up. Jump into the ocean. Spend time without clothing. Get wet in the rain. Walk barefoot. Lay in the grass. Sing. Play. Eat with your hands. Light a candle. Sleep outdoors. Take note of the thrilling effects that these actions have on the body, mind and spirit. Awaken the primal energies inside by engaging them and watch the unexpected unfold! Thanks and see you out there!

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