The Challenge of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Editor's Note:

From behind the walls of Folsom State Prison, Ifoma Modibo Kambon reaches out to challenge us all to discover our strengths, purpose, and remember that through difficulties we are never alone.

Challenges are obstacles, fears, uncertainties, difficulties, crises, and adversities encountered along our life’s journey. Oftentimes, such events affect our emotional wellbeing and wellness, which can cause us to fall down. 

I challenge you to discover the strength to be brave, and have the courage to get back up. Setbacks and failings can be your teachers if you will learn.

I challenge you to remember and learn lessons from the past, to see how yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all interconnected. Think, think, and think, beyond the moment and the next moment, and of consequences and the paths you chose to walk. Develop your own moral compass to give direction and guidance to your life choices. 

I challenge you to discover who you are and in doing so to discover all possibilities and fulfillments. One’s own potential is borne out of doing: possibilities of character, possibilities of transformation, possibilities of self, possibilities of strength, possibilities of courage, possibilities of hope and better days. Discover reciprocity and the interconnectedness of all things. 

I challenge you to not take shortcuts, because in doing so you rob yourself of life experiences that will equip both mind and heart throughout your life journey. 

I challenge you to cultivate your sense of imagination and curiosity. Envision a better tomorrow and relook at your yesterdays, to create your tomorrows. 

I challenge you to strive for insights, understanding, and fulfillment of your own specialness. Revisit the past because it is full of examples of resilience, healing, and stories of our doing the impossible. 

I challenge you to understand that the only absolute truth in life is change. So hear change, learn change, and grow.

My last challenge is, in times of difficulty, when the weight of the world is on you, remember that you are not alone. I challenge you to ask for help. 

Find your life purpose and vocation. Discover ways to bring calm to storms. 

I dare you… challenge yourself.

From behind the  walls of Folsom State Prison,
In kindred spirit, Ifoma Modibo Kambon, (Daryell Burnett B-60892)
January 2021

You can write to me at:

Daryell Burnett B-60892
Folsom State Prison
PO Box 715071 2-B1-10
Represa, CA 95671

Written by
Ifoma Modibo Kambon

Ifoma Modibo Kambon is an author and activist who is incarcerated at Folsom State Prison. He has been incarcerated for 48 years and was in solitary confinement for 41 years. He was one of the leaders of a very impactful prisoners’ hunger strike to abolish solitary confinement in California.
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