The Era of the "Lazy Fit"

Editor's Note:

More people are going out with the same outfits they wear in the house - crocs, sweats - what the author calls the "lazy fit." But what does this style say about the moment?

The most common fit you wil see with teenagers right now is what some call the “lazy fit”. Look around, and you will see a lot of teens in sweatpants and crocs - the same things we might wear in the house is what they are going out with. Most people would say it’s just a matter of comfort, but as you dig deeper there is definitely more than just that simple answer. 

As I have gotten older I have begun to see this trend of  people going out in sweatpants, hoodies, oversized clothes, and so on, more and more often. Personally I have seen more youth than adults wearing these so called lazy outfits. I think this trend started as the use of social media increased. I feel like an image started to be painted for youth as what you’re “supposed to look like,” and this became a look people would take on. I feel as people were trying to keep up with other trends/beauty standards they began to lose themselves as a person which takes a mental toll. But that's why lazy outfits can be important beyond just the convenience.

Money is definitely be a big factor in this lazy outfit fashion because as prices rise, people can’t afford certain outfits and brands anymore. This can lead to another reason people have a mental pressure when it comes to clothes because if they try to dress nice but do not own the “popular” brands then that’s when it may lead to be being bullied. But if they simply just dress lazy, not much can be said. So I do think that in some way dressing like this takes some kind of pressure off of youth. 

There isn’t really much to these outfits, and it also the reflects the time of just being physically exhausted and just grabbing clothes and putting them on without any thought to it. Yes this doesn’t apply for all people, but it definitely applies to me and others I know. How you are treated when going out with this outfit depends on the type of person you are coming in contact with , as well as the type of relationship you have with that person. From experience when you first meet someone and you’re not dressed “properly,” I feel like they talk down to you. What I mean by this is they talk to you as if you don’t know much, they may try  “dumb things down.”

As someone that used to dress nicely no matter where I was going, to now being someone that only gets ready here and there, I know a real reason to go out in a “lazy outfit” all the time, and honestly this goes for not only teenagers, but people of all ages in general. As you get older, life gets harder, it's a given, which means people's mental state begins to alter. With the more work, stress, and all together the more responsibilities that arise as you get older, there begins to be less time for yourself and with everything, you become physically and mentally drained. There is only so much time in a day to make sure you get everything done that you had to, which leaves you with way less time to pick out a nice outfit, to do your hair, etc. People then begin to do the bare minimum so that they can make sure they have enough time and energy to get their stuff done, whether that's work, school, simple chores, and so on. 

Don't get me wrong though there can be an infinite amount of reasons you can start seeing these changes in someone's everyday outfits, so things I have brought up may not relate to some people but  if you are to see this change in someone I would check in with them. They might be doing completely fine and just chose to not “get ready” but it doesn’t hurt to ask because you never really know what could be going on in someone's mind even when hints are being thrown at you.