The Real Us

Recalling Our Identity In Troubled Times

Editor's Note:

This Week In Peace is written by Khalilah Ramirez, a performance artist, author and educator in San Jose. Its purpose is to publish practical techniques that help everyone to live better lives which include more joy, love and harmony through the arts and good old fashioned common sense.

Greetings to all who are reading! Khalilah here, local peace dancer/concerned citizen on a mission from the Universe. What mission? The mission is multifaceted because it involves everyone. There cannot be harmony unless everyone has a hand in it. Making the world work in joyful and sustainable ways is not only my work, it's for everyone. That brings me to this week's topic: Us.

Being human is a many splendored thing. The highest heights and the lowest lows await us. Being on this rollercoaster spaceship called Earth can be confusing. It's dazzling one minute, devastating the next. We forget things. Important things. Not just where we put the keys. Our very identity can be lost in the madness of doing, getting, fussing and striving. This week, we saw incredible changes taking place in our society due to widespread fear around illness and contamination. Remembering who we are helps to ease the sting of an unstable world. Who are we? We are the children of the Earth, a mighty planet who has nourished us with Mother Love since day one. Never since the beginning of life on Earth have all the humans disappeared from any illness or plague. If anything, we human beings have always been our own biggest survival threat. Know, feel and sense that everything in existence is made up of energy. Each of us is responsible for how we choose to use that energy. Do we use it to take care of ourselves? What are we spending this priceless resource on? Let's commit to making it something good.

Remembering that we are beings of energy is one thing. Knowing how to use that power is something else. Here is a brief, magical mantra that will help us wield our tremendous power with more skill: We become what we think about. This tiny truth is the key to success, failure and life itself. Thinking is the power that moves the mind, heart and hands to act. What we act upon, the things that we choose to do make up a large part of our lives. Our thinking is like a seed planted in the fertile ground of the mind. In this scenario, you are the gardener and the garden. Plant fear, fear grows. Plant illness, illness grows. Plant joy, joy grows. Plant get the picture.

The next facet of human life that defines the "real" us: Impermanence. The energy that makes everything cannot be created or destroyed, yet life is shockingly short. Nothing, no person or place is eternal. All that we see and know is temporary. Due to this unavoidable fact, consider getting together more, not less. Let's pretend that a hypothetical virus was on the verge of snuffing out all human life. Would you want to die alone in front of the computer, huddled and afraid in the dark? I would rather die laughing, surrounded by family and friends. I suggest that we all go out and play. Let's hug like crazy while we're out there. None of this will last, guaranteed. It's our work to make the absolute most of life while we're living it. Do one of your dreams today.

Last but not least, knowing the real us is knowing the ripple effect that we have on each other. The power of love, light, kindness and compassion lives in each of us. It needs to shine forth more than ever, brighter than before. Any encounter we have with another person will cause an effect, good or bad. Armed with this knowledge, we can make a conscious choice to mark every interaction with courtesy, warmth and respect. If not, consider postponing that conversation until a positive outcome is possible. Is forgiveness in order? Give it. Ask it from others when needed. Doing what it takes to restore emotional order is a rite of passage for every person on the planet. We aren't going to like everyone we meet, but we can acknowledge the humanity in others. This gives us the common ground needed to move forward. Let's move forward toward a shared vision of health, wealth, life and equity for all of us. The real us, the mighty, enduring resourceful race of beings called humans can adapt. We are specifically designed for that. Let's adapt with love. Thanks and see you out there!

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