We Should All Be Enthusiastic Supporters

Editor's Note:

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. This week, Khalilah writes about the importance of giving only certain attention to stress inducing news and shares the magic created when one supports the Dance of Peace.

Greetings and welcome to This Week In Peace!  There is good news, intriguing stories, magic and miracles afoot! These circumstances are a natural part of life that starts with us. More on this after these messages:

This week I spoke with a parent at one of the schools that hosted the Dance of Peace. She mentioned that she was tired; she had only had 4 hours of sleep the night before. Upon inquiring why, she answered, "I was up reading the news. There was so much turmoil that it kept my mind turning. I couldn't sleep." Why mention this? Everyone suffers from the occasional bout of insomnia. When this happens, reading the news may not be the wisest investment of our time.  Turmoil does keep the mind awake. The stress that we experience when we read the news is not a natural part of nightlife. In his book, "The 4-Hour Work Week", NY Times bestselling author Tim Ferris suggests not reading or watching news at all. He reads the front page headlines only. That is enough to stay current and be able to carry on conversations with others regarding "relevant" events. As shockingly radical as it may seem to suggest not reading the news, it's actually a viable way to increase the overall quality of our lives. Quality of life goes up when stress goes down. Getting the physical and mental rest required to function optimally enhances the comfort of life. We conserve our precious resource of energy by not becoming emotionally accosted by the global upsets we read about in the news. Choosing to guard and care for ourselves in this simple way contributes to calm, ease and peace in the heart.

Can't give up the news? Commit to reading it only once per day or even once per week. What will we talk to our friends and families about if we can't commiserate on the current state of affairs? Could we open our minds to holding fresh, new conversations? Topics could include: Humor, encouragement, goals, interesting books or future plans. Experiment with these lighthearted yet constructive new behaviors!

Now back to the magic. Great things happened this week because of enthusiastic supporters! The Dance of Peace thrives because of the many people who see it and respond in kind. That is to say that their response is immediate and joyful, matching the energy of the dance. Supporters help the Dance of Peace grow by spreading the word, contributing their valuable time dancing, offering words and actions of love as well as inviting the Dance of Peace to be a part of their beautiful events and ceremonies. Last month, local organizations such as the Children's Discovery Museum, Silicon Valley De-Bug and Downtown College Prep Middle School helped raise over $600 to further this important art! Thank you so much for uplifting our community by prioritizing peace!

Another aspect of the Dance of Peace that defines it is the malleability found within the wondrous medium of dance. From the street to schools, city and community centers, libraries and corporate offices, the vibration of any environment can be elevated through dance and movement. All of this is to say that the energy peace is always within. The time we individually dedicate to working with it is up to us.

Another such supporter was a young man I'll call J. We met during a Thursday Dance of Peace on Race Street & The Alameda in San Jose. First he drove by, pulling up to the traffic light near the dance. He spoke but traffic, music and people make it difficult to hear anything except the closest voices. Gestures communicated this effectively. Moments later he arrived on foot to the meridian where the dance was taking place. He asked, "May I sit?" The answer to this question is always yes! It is highly beneficial to overall health, happiness and spirit to be in close proximity to a vibrational frequency that uplifts us. The great thing about energy is that it effortlessly works in tandem. For instance, as J. sat watching the dance and experiencing peace, his newfound calm joy has a bolstering effect on the dance itself. He spoke aloud to himself about it, saying awesome things like, "I feel so peaceful inside. I haven't this way in so long. She knows exactly what she's doing. She's doing it on purpose! It's like this entire area is revolving around you. What time is it? You know what? IT DOESN'T MATTER!"

Comments like these reflect the power of the spirit of peace. The energy of peace can change our perception of reality for the better in an instant. It silences false mental chatter. It goes directly to work on neutralizing strife that hides in the heart. Enthusiastic supporters are miraculous because they have no idea that the actions that they take while inspired by peace have lasting positive influence on their lives and the lives of those around them. They express themselves from a place of authentic emotion – a practice that heals and empowers us all. What if we don't have this type of supporter in our lives? The best thing to do is to become one! Become an enthusiastic supporter for our own lives or for a cause or person close to our hearts. Since this positive energy is reciprocal, we can rest assured that we will be contributing when we choose this form of being-ness. Remember to enjoy it! It is a glorious, safe way to expand our collective joy. Thanks and see you out there!

Join the Dance of Peace:
Fridays: 10-11am, Class at San Jose Peace & Justice Center
Sundays: 10:30am-12:30pm, Campbell Farmer's Market

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