Peace Begins in the Heart

Editor's Note:

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. In this edition, Khalilah's wisdom tells us that to exist in the energy of peace is to thrive.

Greetings to all who are reading! This Week in Peace strives to share the high vibrational frequency of peace, which is available to all. To exist in the energy of peace is to thrive. Often, a lighthearted state of existence seems out of reach. It is easy to become bogged down by daily challenges. The good news is that challenges help us to grow and that an elevated level of happiness is readily accessible. It is the privilege of each of us to rise up, meeting the challenge that it is to create peace in our personal lives. When we persist at it, we naturally radiate more peace out into our world. Creating peace need not be complex or burdensome. It is a simple decision that we act upon repeatedly. This decision produces notable results as we gain experience with it. Don't take my word for it. Apply it in your life and reap its swift rewards!

What is the point of being peaceful? When there are so many battles to be fought for truth and justice, how can people remain peaceful? Great questions worthy of attention! Peace begins within. Before it can become a course of action, it starts in the heart. The drive to improve ourselves and our world is a central part of that. Righteous indignation is a part of that. These states of being are catalysts for peace. The only thing that is required to obtain peace is desire, practice and patience. Start by creating a bright, warm light in the heart. The source of this light is literally our Earth and sky. Being borne of this Universe, we are eternally connected to these infinite energy sources. They could never lose power. The human body is akin to a rechargeable battery, designed to gather life energy from these sources. Focus on the light within the heart. Grow it in your vision. Receive its vibrant glow. When darkness (doubt /fear) creeps in, know that they only have as much power as we give them with our attention. Train the inner eye to stay focused on light. Rejoice in what is. Help others to be positive. Persist!

This week the Dance of Peace was launched at the Local Color art space in San Jose. It was Inauguration Day. The eyes of the nation were on the beautiful marches around the world. It was wondrous to see diverse groups of people all standing together for love, equality and freedom. This event was held for the purpose of unity. It created a space that was inclusive for all. The Dance of Peace is designed to bring people together. On this rainy night, those present were active contributors to the high vibration of peace! They freely gave love and support. One young lady, Nadine, was a trained dancer with a free heart of peace. Her amazing skills coupled with a generous spirit of boldness engaged the eyes and hearts of those watching. When one person gives their energy to dancing in the unlimited spirit of peace, it enlivens others to do the same. This low key miracle provides an experience of joy and growth to every soul!

Earlier that same week, the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza hosted a free community event with the same purpose: To explore the ways in which art unites us. The Dance of Peace became a workshop at this event with yours truly leading the peace work. The title of the workshop was: Practical Ways To Create Peace. It included dance, discussion, brainstorming, writing and laughing! One of the participant's favorite ways to feel more peaceful was when we used the simple medium of color pencil to illustrate our ideas about peace. Drawing and coloring, something so small, had the power to calm and comfort people. What basic everyday activities can we participate in that make us breathe a little easier? What small, quiet pleasures can we harness today that puts ease inside our hearts? What is something that we once did (such as singing or swimming) that we loved but now tell ourselves that we are much too busy for? Take a moment to remember what is joyful for us. Reconnect with those things and people today! Thanks and see you out there!

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