Photo Essay: Day of Outrage To Remember Atatiana Jefferson & Stand Up For Black Women

Photos by: Imani Mfalme, Angela Dennis, Raymond Da-boi, Michael Goins

Editor's Note:

On Monday, October 28th, Until Freedom and partners across the country honored the life of Atatiana Jefferson and the countless black women who have been killed at the hands of police. Our movement family Community Defense of East Tennessee joined together with partners SONG Knoxville and the Highlander Center to hold space in Knoxville, TN for this national day of action. Today and everyday, Black women are worthy of our outrage and are worthy of a country that values their lives. We will never stop fighting for and with Black women.

Micheal from Community Defense of East Tennessee supporting #DayofOutrage while documenting the event. #Protectblackwomen

Supporters stand in solidarity as the song "I Am My Sister's Keeper" plays in the background. The names of black women slain by police are read out loud, and a moment of silence follows.

Imani wearing a quote by Malcolm X. “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman." 

I identify as Moor. Black is the name given to us when our ancestors were brought to this land. Before that, we went by the names of the tribes we belonged to. Since that information is lost to me, I can refer to a time when Moors had kingdoms across the world. I will not be bound by the history they teach which begins at slavery. I come from a line of Queens and Kings.  - Imani Mflalme

Little girls standing up for justice in a time when so many find every excuse not to get involved or delicately tip toe around the issue. The children of today will be at the forefront of the fight for justice tomorrow. We have to build a solid foundation for them to stand on, grow from, and imagine a world that deserves all they have to give. Little black girls will grow up to be black women only if they are protected as well.

Our CDET family will always Stand Up and Protect Black Women.

Speaker Rick Roach talking about protecting black women and how the black woman is an essential part of the fabric of this land.

The organizing crew of Knoxville National Day of Outrage was held together by Highlander Center, SONG Knoxville and Community Defense of East Tennessee. 

The Muslim community of Knoxville: “We stand in solidarity with the family of the Sister Atatiana. We stand in solidarity with the oppressed and marginalized and that it is our responsibility as members of a faith community to proclaim that we believe in accountability."

8 year old Harmony standing in support of protecting black women. A moment of injustice has an effect for generations. 

Amelia Parker, candidate for city council with members of our CDET family. After the Rally, our call to action was to go across the street and vote. From the streets to the polls, representation matters!!! 

Our community showed up today!

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